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PC Games by Genre

The History of Video Games

Gaming culture has really picked up speed in the last decade by become more mainstream. The truth is, video games have existed since the 1970s way back when consoles like the Atari 2600, Nintendo NES, and classic arcades flourished in the retro period. Content creators like AVGN brought them into the limelight.

Photo by Evan Amos

This was before LAN networks were set up which then leads to online multiplayer games being successfully implemented. Internet access used to be difficult to configure with consoles until the release of Sega’s Dreamcast which revolutionized online gaming and drew inspiration for the Xbox.

Gaming Today

It was in the early 2000s when MMORPGs were gaining popularity among gamers for their competitive, multi-player platforms. (i.e. World of Warcraft and RuneScape)

Later on, Sony’s PlayStation Network and Xbox Live gave gamers access to online shopping for video games making the gaming industry more profitable as it attracted a larger audience. Likewise, the graphics improved drastically.

After 8-bit and 16-bit pixelated graphics have evolved into 32 or 64-bit quality processors. This is evident in the games released on the Nintendo DS which came after the Game Boy Advance. There is a stark difference between 2-D overhead sprites and 3-D character models.

Despite the monumental advancements being made in gaming technology, there are still plenty of classic online PC games that are enjoyed by many gamers new and old. By bringing together generations, the Madalin Stunt Cars 3 is an example of how even older gaming visuals and technology are still loved.

Apple products brought in a new age of mobile gaming through their iPhones and touch-screen tablets. These instant-download mobile apps proliferated due to their games being portable and considered excellent “time wasters” (i.e. Angry Birds, Terraria, Geometry Dash, & Pokémon Go).

And don’t get me started on motion control or tilt-sensitive games. Though if you are excited to witness the future of gaming, then may I suggest checking out the virtual reality headsets and Oculus Rift “real-life” immersion.

Genres in Gaming

There are all kinds of games made for PC, placed into diverse genres. I’ll explain them in detail for those who are looking for specific types of games but are unfamiliar with the terminology.

In fact, when it comes to games, one should expect many genres to overlap from Fighting to Strategy games or a hybrid of Action and Adventure. A lot of games try to be everything at once but sometimes less is more.

My New Xbox Controller

Genres tend to reflect different styles of gameplay mechanics instead of just the story, setting, or themes. Many games will utilize more than one type of gameplay, especially when mini-games are involved.

There is practically an entire list of every sub-genre in gaming on TV Tropes which I won’t get into because it would take way too long to separate my Steam games into every possible category that exists.

Nonetheless, I’ll still provide a smaller list of the main genres and their elements which you can read about in my future posts…Pick one from the list! There’s a surprising amount of overlap between genres so expect games to cover multiple categories.

To get started, browse through the following list of genres and learn about the different types of PC games on the market right now. Of course, Steam also has its own list of popular tags to choose from.

There are some other features to consider such as Gameplay Modes, Free-to-Play, Casual vs. Hardcore, and movie genres including Sci-fi and Comedy strangely enough.

List of Genres

1st Person

From your character’s perspective.

3rd Person

From your perspective behind your avatar.


This requires reflex and hand-eye coordination.


Use logical reasoning to complete challenges.


Time your jumps just right, or else!


Do whatever you want. No rules, you are literally God!

Visual Novels/JRPGs

Anime RPGs and dating sims courtesy of Japan.


Every game that is retro and old school.


BOOM headshot! MLG 360 No Scope sold separately.


Stands for “massively multiplayer online role-playing game”.


Operating in real-time right now!


Everything else casual and in-between.


4 thoughts on “PC Games by Genre”

  1. Hi Wenxi

    What a booming industry gaming is becoming! Who would have thought back in the day when we use to play on those old Nintendo game stations in the 80’s and 90’s, with games like Super Mario or Pac Man.

    Then PlayStation 1 came out and it was over! I remember getting hooked on grand theft auto 1 and it was a real revelation to me at the time.

    It seems soon enough everyone will be playing VR (virtual reality) games and it makes one think, what is beyond that?! ^^,


    1. I still see Pac Man and the revamp of Super Mario, but I’ve never bought a PlayStation 1. When did it come out?

      VR is a weird concept, I’ve seen Roosterteeth test out those headsets in Surgeon Simulator and zombie tag. My friend even owns an Occulus Rift, pretty cool eh?

  2. Thats nice bro, i get literal nostalgia reading your post, honestly, as im reading you type about the older consoles, i can still remember the excitement i felt when i first played my Nintendo NES playing the original Mario game 🙂

    But i dont know about you but it was the SNES/Mega Drive era that really got me addicted to games lol – i mean comen on Streets of rage, Zelda, Sonic, and Street figher were amazing for their time, even now i still have a SNES lol admittedly with a PS3 (love MGS and Tekken series too much)

    but i don’t know about you apart from PCs/laptops im just not a fan of the newer gaming consoles, all this focus on trying to look as realistic as possible kind of annoys me sometimes with computer games, i like a rougher edge.

    Anyway thanks for this informative breakdown of PC games by genre, i know where to come when i need some info!

    1. What was it like using the older 8 to 16 bit consoles? I’ve only played Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Super Mario Bros. when my friends bought their NES and Gameboy.

      Yeah, Sonic and Street fighter proved that games are all about skills and reflexes. People don’t need amazing graphics to enjoy their games, looking at the popularity of classics today.

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