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The Steam Community

Want to learn more about the Steam Community?

Welcome to the Steam Community where you can discover some neat stuff like screenshots, artworks, broadcasts, videos, the Steam workshop, news, guides, and of course, reviews on PC games. You’ll have a blast rating other people’s posts, fan art, or reviews while building your own profile.

Steam Community Homepage
The Steam Community homepage. Guides and reviews of games can be accessed directly.

More importantly, I’m here to show you guys how to navigate the Steam Discussion Forums which you can find on the Community page right here. Notice that the Discussions page is not quite the same as the one on Steam Window mode since they are organized differently whereas your account has more access to games directly.

But I strongly recommend you start with discussion boards on Steam’s official website because their forum contains help and tips for people new to Steam. Otherwise, you’d have to figure everything out on your own.

Steam Community Games – Discussion Forums

There are a total of three tabs: Steam Forums, Game Forums, and Tools & Servers. You are able to search for any topic you want including video game guides like Elder Scrolls Online or Far Cry 3.

Steam Discussion Forums

Steam Forums provides basic support such as posts on player suggestions and ideas. You are able to ask questions about the Steam mobile app or troubleshooting Steam for Mac. There are posts based on configuring PCs such as backing up data and replacing the graphics card.

Game Forums only displays the most popular hubs and your recently viewed hubs though you can search for games directly to get all the posts people make about it; the most common being personal opinions, commentaries, and complaints.

I don’t really read the Tools and Servers unless I run into a serious problem with my PC. It only has a few boards on Half-Life alongside Art and Sound Design, mostly technical software configuration stuff.

Multiplayer Versus by Free Images/CC-BY 2.0

Steam Community Guides and Walkthroughs

The best way to look up Steam Community Guides and walkthroughs is to use Window Mode. In my opinion, Big Picture Mode is heavily limited in this aspect, it only has a sidebar meant for inviting your friends or checking your game inventory. 

Under Guides, you should see the most popular ones listed first. One of them is about how to remove the “hat glitch” in Team Fortress 2. Perhaps one user figured out how to get all of the achievements in Firewatch and wrote a walkthrough. There are also a bunch of hilarious meme engines if you’re into that. 

An average review on Steam. This one is on Sniper Elite 4.

Last but not least, the Steam Community Reviews are full of recommendations from other players on the games they thumbs up/down. You can comment on top of their reviews or rate their helpfulness.

Walkthroughs and Guides – Big Picture Mode Edition

There is one last thing I almost forgot to mention. In case you are using Big Picture mode to play your Steam Library games. Then, the layout is going to be different from artworks, screenshots, and reviews are all under the same menu. Instead, the guides will be specific to each game as shown:

Big Picture Steam Library
There are player-created mods, workshop elements, and power-up guides made for The Binding of Isaac.

As a disclaimer, I would like to warn you that not all the guides are in English as there are Russian or Chinese players on Steam

But the best way to find walkthroughs and guides on Steam is to search the title under “FIND HUBS”. Let me demonstrate:

  1. Start at Steam Community–>FIND HUBS–>Search Fallout 4
  2. Click on the Guides tab. It will be among the Popular Categories.
  3. You should arrive at this page on Fallout 4 guides.
Secrets, Modding or Configuration, Gameplay Basics, Loot, Crafting, and Walkthroughs
  • Scroll down to browse through the most popular guides. 
  • Click on Gameplay Basics to get tips on EXP and Leveling.
  • Click on Walkthroughs to learn how to get hard achievements.
  • Crafting guides tell you how to get the resources to make a special item or rare weapon/armor.
  • Loot refers to treasures you steal from your slain enemies.
  • Modding or Configuration guides are about toggling your settings.
  • Secrets are the things you tend to overlook on a first playthrough.

I hope this helped you understand how to navigate the walkthroughs and guides on Steam. Maybe one day I will create an instructional video to make it easier to understand. (Or get someone else to do it for me cause I’m too lazy.)

You also have the privilege to create your own guides here. Read more to learn about organizing, adding videos or images, and publishing your guide to the Steam Community. 

That’s all for this tutorial! 

Leave any comments or feedback and I’ll get back to you.

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    Of course, Steam is used by the most hardcore PC Gamers and also game developers since they have software to create games too.

  2. Ah the gaming world. My partner is all in to this community as I notice that Steam pops up on our credit card from time to time where I am guessing he has purchased a game. Would that be correct?

    Steam seems like a really big deal amongst gamers-would you say it is kind of THE hub to be part of if you are into gaming?

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