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We appreciate your interest in joining us on PC Games for Steam, a site dedicated to the Steam client. Our mission is to organically grow this modest gaming blog from a passion project into a thriving platform for discussing fun titles on Steam (fingers crossed).

In the event that this blog gains a lot of traction, the owner will then determine whether to monetize the website or leave it as an ad-free space. Right now, our goal is to expand the number of game reviews and find ways to compensate writers in the future.

By partnering with us, you get an opportunity to express your honest opinion on gaming, demonstrate your exceptional writing skills, and be rewarded with a quality backlink for your efforts. (We charge advertisers $12.00 USD to market content.)

Do you feel like humoring the internet at large and have something to share? Or are you just here to rant about Cyberpunk 2077’s disastrous console port? Did you find a secret area in a game by accident? Or maybe…you want to call out companies that bait players with microtransactions?

In any case, we happily invite you to write a guest post for us, assuming that you stick to these guidelines. We suggest adding 1 – 4 images per post and prefer articles that are 500 – 2000 words in length.

What we want to see from you:

  • Your favorite video games/top picks for this year
  • YouTubers and Twitch streamers you follow
  • Reviews on games from a variety of genres
  • Game development interviews/case studies
  • Emerging trends in PC gaming
  • Past stories about gaming you want to share
  • Any critiques about gaming culture
  • Electronics – gaming rigs, console gens, laptops, etc.
  • Video game collectibles and merchandise
  • Achievements you’re proud of
  • Walkthroughs and strategy guides
  • Creative writing in all its freeform glory

What we’re NOT looking for:

  • Video games exclusive to console systems
  • Reviews of pay-to-win/Gatcha mobile apps
  • Gambling, casino, adult, or NFT games
  • Opinion pieces on highly controversial matters
  • Pure memes, shitposts, and GIFs (Sorry about that.)
  • Religion, Sexuality, or Politics being the main focus
  • Many spam links to external domains
  • Violent, disturbing, or outright illegal content
  • Enabling cancel culture on any person or business
  • Topics we’ve already covered multiple times

We welcome any contributors who are native English-speakers and know how to connect with our viewer base. While this isn’t a writing gig, you are still allowed to include your author’s bio or Steam profile, which will be added to another page.

Pitch us an original idea or a unique take on the gaming landscape. We don’t mind a quick review on controllers and DLC packs. That said however, articles reporting on Nintendo or Blizzard news will be put on the backburner. And as always, run your piece through a plagiarism checker like Copyscape.

For every post we decide to publish, it must go through some light editing to ensure all requirements are met before approval. Please read over the blog for example posts that reflect our style and tone. Nonetheless, the writer will retain the rights to their rejected articles.

Send three or more headlines to wenxi5c@gmail.com. The subject line should also mention a “Guest Post”. Make sure to summarize your ideas in a few sentences. Any payments for services should be directed to our PayPal account.

Go ahead and reach out if you have any questions!

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