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Your Guide on How to Uninstall Steam on Mac

Do you need to uninstall Steam to free up disk space, remove a profile, or clear your account history? This article will showcase how to uninstall the Steam platform on Mac. This app allows playing any game purchased via Steam and retail games that are registered to Steam.

Some users have experienced problems when using this Steam. Simply dragging the app to Trash would not uninstall Steam completely. So, let’s head over this challenging situation and work on the most appropriate solution.

Why Uninstall Steam on Mac?

Although Steam provides more than thousands of game titles and discounts, it offers a slightly difficult user experience. It consumes about 1GB of disk space. Due to this, you might have to deal with a lack of remaining space for other crucial apps.

To successfully install and use other apps, you have to uninstall Steam and free up precious space. You may also need to uninstall iOS apps or other applications that are not working. Learning how to delete iOS apps on M1 Mac or another model is relatively simple.

How to Uninstall Steam Manually?

Access a new Finder window and go to Applications. Keep scrolling down until you get the Steam app. Now, right-click on the Steam app. Choose the ‘Move to Trash’ option. Or, drag and drop the Steam app into Trash. Hit Go to find the Library folder in the top Menu Bar.

If you can’t see this folder, hold ‘Option’ and select Library. In the Library, click Application Support and then tap Steam. Right-click on Steam and choose Move to Trash. To delete Steam and keep locally saved files, delete files inside Steam. Right-click the Trash icon and choose Empty Trash.  

Uninstall Steam App from Mac

If the Steam app consumes too much disk space and time, uninstall it. So, if your operating system is struggling due to insufficient space, quit Steam. Open the Finder window and click the Applications option. Drag and drop “Steam.app” to the Trash.

Hold Shift, Command, and “G” in Finder and then open “Go to” in the folder. Next, paste ~/Library/Application Support/directory. Locate the Steam folder and remove the folder’s content. Don’t remove /steamapps if you wish to reinstall Steam. Now, empty the trash.  

Uninstall Steam Games

Sometimes uninstalling the Steam app doesn’t remove the games downloaded from Steam. Such games still stay on the disk. To remove those games, it’s good to uninstall the games on Steam and then delete them.

For this, access your Library in the Steam app and choose the required game. Tap Support from the right section and hit “I want to permanently remove this game from my account”. Choose any of the two options and then select the OK button.

Uninstall Steam Games via Steam App

Alongside the above method, you can uninstall the Steam games alternatively by logging into your Steam account. Tap the Library option and click All. Choose the game you would like to delete from your Mac. Hit the Settings icon on the game screen.

Choose Manage and then click Uninstall. Alternatively, right-click the selected game and choose the same options. You will be asked to confirm the game removal. Choose Uninstall to confirm that you want to uninstall the game completely. You’ll find it in your Library.  

Delete your Steam Account

Once you uninstall a selected game from the Steam app, remove your Steam account. To do so, first, write a request to the Steam technical support team. If you’re sure about deleting the account, remove the entire bank card numbers and payment details.

Unsubscribe from all Steam emails. You’ll be asked to give Proof of Ownership. Then, you will get an email asking for confirmation to delete. Now, your account will be deleted in two stages. Initially, it is blocked and then removed fully from the system.

Uninstall Steam Permanently

If you don’t want to spend time manually deleting Steam, perform this task automatically. Are you aware of how to uninstall Steam on Mac permanently? Use a special App Cleaner & Uninstaller tool. This tool is designed to fully uninstall applications.

Using this app, you can remove Steam with just a single click. First, download this program and then launch it on your Mac. Locate Steam in the left area. Choose Steam and hit the Remove button. Last, simply confirm this action.


Steam is an excellent digital platform for downloading and playing video games on Mac. Uninstalling Steam will also help in ensuring that the OS doesn’t experience any difficulty when running out of space.

And as you read, you don’t need to worry much about uninstalling Steam on Mac. You can work on the following options to completely delete Steam and free up space from your hard drive. Uninstalling Steam will delete the complete folder and all the games.

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