Designs and Wallpapers

Free Stuff is Up for Grabs!

Good news! Everything here will be released into the public domain. That means you can redistribute, modify, and use these images for your own posts, anywhere, and at any time. Linking back is optional but will be appreciated.

Although it won’t be as frequently updated (cause I have a life too), I hope to present my creative work to anyone who is interested in a digital art medium. Drawing is one of my hobbies and will give me something to do in the meantime.

Check back soon as I’m going to upload some of my own digital art on video game characters and other creative designs like Anime & Manga styles. Please provide a link back to this page if you are going to use my artwork, thanks!

You are free to download any of these backgrounds on your desktop. If you’re interested, I will provide several screen resolutions to ensure better compatibility with PC monitors. Wallpapers will be adjusted for mobile devices including iPhone and iPad dimensions.