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Gaming News Blogroll

Want to read more blogs on video game news?

Check out these other blogs, bringing you what’s currently trending in gaming. Read about new title releases, mainstream video game reviews, concept development, and watch countless trailers and podcasts brought to you by the professional enthusiasts of gaming journalism.

As an avid reader of video game reviews, I found many awesome games recommended by these blogs that didn’t disappoint. And I’ll bet other gamers are also keeping up with mainstream titles as they are the same ones joining community discussions to share guides, strategies, and what they like/hate about introduced mechanics. 

These are blogs even people who don’t play on PC can potentially enjoy. It’s true I’ve decided to switch to Steam but I still watch some playthroughs of games like Overwatch and the Persona series.

Not all titles will be available on PC so it’s better to cast a wider net when it comes to adding games to your collection. Gaming communities exist outside of the US and you’ll find journalist overseas, covering new titles on sites like Eurogamer. 

I’d suggest that you give them a chance since you never know what they might have in store. Blogs are an excellent platform to share your opinions and discover new games to add to your “wish list” as you prepare for your Christmas shopping binge. 

Or if you’re like me, and you’d much rather sit back and relax while reading the current topics of gaming, then reading blogs is probably your best bet instead of going out to video game stores to buy titles yourself.

Blogs provide the right amount of inspiration and guidance to gamers who want to add titles to their growing collections. Some of them cover gaming news in the US but others like Eurogamer are suited for an overseas English audience who have been buying exported games.

Are you unsure of what titles to buy or have interesting tips and tricks to share with the gaming community?

Then I think you’ll love this top 10 video game news blogroll I put up. I promise that you’ll have a lot of fun watching podcasts and arguing about which VR game is the next best Fortnite clone.

I’m happy to share with you some blogs where video games are expanding into other forms of mass media and people are free to talk about their experiences regarding the games they play. 



GameSpot is a leading source of information on games for consoles like the Xbox 360, PS3, and the Nintendo 3DS. But it does dedicate an entire section to PC games through trailers and news updates. They also have Let’s Plays, trailers, and a large community forum to discuss the latest games.


GameFAQs showcases their own list of the most popular games (i.e. Pokemon, GTA V, Fallout 4, etc.) Under “Answers”, you can ask their members questions about glitches & bugs, walkthrough guides, and more! They do also have a list of franchises if you want to browse those games.

Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb is one of the biggest video game databases around. It features plenty of mainstream game reviews, podcasts (Bombcast?), “quick look” videos, and new console games on the PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Wii U to read about. If you like listening to podcasts you might want to check it out.


IGN is a long-time running blog about video game previews, secrets, player’s guides, and announcements including preorder discounts. They separate gaming news via PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo related topics not to mention videos that discuss TV shows and movies.


Gamasutra is more geared towards the art of making games as in the business side of things. They deal with video game source codes, AI systems, the likes of character designs, and even post jobs. The newsletter talks about dev blogs, software, and Indie releases.


Dorkly is the central hub of nerd culture, covering anime, video games, and Marvel comics. It is an independent publisher of articles on popular franchises including Pokemon and the Fallout series. But they’ve diversified into presentable anime cosplays, also accepting fan art from their guests.


Kotaku is a gamer’s guide to Steam releases, anime cosplay, game tournaments, podcasts, and the occasional Japanese food. Read about which franchises or sequels companies are working on and get the latest news on titles like Battlegrounds or Dota 2. Look at “The Bests” if you like your games ranked.


Destructoid is a tech-friendly blog that publishes product reviews on VR headsets, laptops, console add-ons, or any additional DLCs for that matter. You will be informed on many good deals on PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch, and also PS Vita games if you like to play JRPGs. 


GameZone is another online source for video game guides, reviews, and cheats for consoles. You can see what’s trending and what are the most frequently discussed news topics on gaming. There are a bunch of original articles on interviews game developers too.


PCGamer is honestly my #1 recommendation if you are interested in PC games. They publish reviews on hardware such as Nvidia and Microsoft devices. Their front page features Final Fantasy 14, Tekken, Elder Scrolls Online, Get Even, and more. They also have statistics on Steam sales from past years.