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Gaming Items and Merchandise

Finding Video Game Merchandise

Welcome to the Video Game Merchandise section where I share with you some of the most beautiful fan art, designs, collectibles, hand-made crafts, plush toys, figurines, key chains, weapon models, posters, T-shirts, electronics, and other accessories.

Pikachu is the official mascot of the Pokemon games.

It covers pretty much anything you can think of related to PC (and console) gaming. Just imagine what people like to decorate their rooms with and how that reflects their hobbies.

That’s right plush toys of cute Pokémon, custom gaming chairs, and designer hoodies are all different types of gaming merchandise. A lot of YouTube personalities have caught on to the craze and are stocking their shelves full of beloved video game characters.

With that said, are you really into a video game themed iPhone covers and portable electronic accessories?

Are you someone who loves to collect miniature models of your favorite video game characters? Or do you want to decorate your room to resemble an actual screenshot from Mario like this one?

If you answered yes or maybe to any of those questions then I would be happy to show you a bunch of creative and well-crafted video game merchandise that I dig up every once in a while.

There is no end to what people can come up with. Gamers will often take their inspiration to greater lengths by contributing their own brand of craftsmanship to promote their favorite video game titles.

Attending Anime Conventions

As a gamer, think about how often you wanted to get more stuff to show off your personality at anime and gaming conventions. And in case you aren’t as hardcore about gaming, I would suggest starting with the cheaper trinkets to build your collection instead.

Gaming merchandise can be quite expensive since once you get into anime or superhero cosplay–you’ll need to buy weapons that match your chosen character to complete the look and impress your viewers.

An anime cosplayer holding a sword.

There’s no need to jump the shark when it comes to how much merchandise you own nor how many titles you recognize. I believe this should not define whether you are a “true gamer” or a “casual”.

What I meant was, don’t feel bad if you aren’t as caught up with the trends because I am in the same boat too. I just play whatever I can get my hands on.

Where to Buy Gaming Merchandise

In any case, I am excited to introduce where to buy video game merchandise ever since I went to Genericon in college, which is an event held once a year on anime and gaming culture. You could watch anime movies, live Let’s Plays, cosplay competitions, and participate in Super Smash Bros tournaments.

What I also found was rows of vendors that sold Japanese cosplay outfits, Manga and DVDs, D&D dice sets, Asian specialty foods, and Marvel/DC comic prints. The convention ran 24 hours a day because some guys stayed up to host Japanese live-action films.

Down below, I have organized three categories of the most common types of merchandise I’ve seen on sale.

Most of these are fairly unique as gamers usually draw their own artwork and craft video game trinkets by hand. As for collectibles, they are made by those large manufacturing companies partnering with video game brands.

Although you can shop for gaming merchandise on Amazon or any other retailer, I still would recommend Etsy and Think Geek since they have the most diverse selection I could find.

Of course, you could follow my blog to read about my impression of PC games on Steam, and somewhere in between, I’ll refer to gaming merchandise that I think you guys will want. I have a page dedicated to my own art projects underneath.

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2 thoughts on “Gaming Items and Merchandise”

  1. Pretty awesome huh, I always wanted some Undertale toys, Legend of Zelda posters, and Marvel T-shirts. They sold these at my college’s Genericon convention. Pokemon is a good one but I only own some plushies of Pikachu and Eevee.

  2. Oh my God, I’d have literally begged my mom to have a Mario themed room as a kid haha that would have been the most awesome thing on the planet. There are a lot of cool video game merchandise, mine has to do anything with Metal Gear Solid, Marion, and Pokemon to be honest with you, what are some of yours?

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