The Screenshot Gallery

The screenshot gallery is where I’m going to display screenshots from Steam games I’ve reviewed. These images will be free-to-use for forums, blogs, & pretty much anything else. 

I believe that screen captures are crucial to conveying gameplay, the styles, or the themes of gaming. Half the time, it will just be a few shots of awkward moments and unexpected encounters.

If you are familiar with Steam’s community content, then you probably know about user captured screenshots that are available on each game you’ve downloaded from Steam. 

It is similar to Facebook in which you can “like” (thumbs up) in-game screen captures to show your support for fellow Steam contributors. A lot of them already have plenty of viewers and comments.

You also have the choice of favorite fan art (to view later) or to share them with the rest of the Steam Community. Of course, if you would rather draw your own, you can upload them to Steam which will end up in their Artwork section in Big Picture mode.

The same could apply to screenshots you’ve captured. It’s awesome if you are a level creator or love to build things by combining together a bunch of mods and other game elements. Why not invent new puns while you’re at it?

Screenshots 1 – 10

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