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Let’s Players You Should Watch – Part 2


Scott Falco Channel

Scott Falco is an animator and a nitpicker. His show Side of salt is mostly him looking at narrowed down aspects of a video game character or gameplay footage were he makes in-depth commentary on what the game does that he disagrees with or is frustrated by. His most-viewed videos are on Overwatch heroes and their fighting mechanics.

His insight is rather well founded and he makes it entertaining enough to keep people’s attention. But be warned, he does crack politically incorrect jokes that may offend some people. Though it is compensated with animated cut-ins. In addition, you’ll find him streaming regularly on YouTube.

TFS Gaming

TFS Gaming Channel

Gamers were once considered to be nerds, and there are many variants of nerd culture out there. Team Four Star is most definitely a group that identifies as gamer nerds and Anime Nerds because they did the voice acting behind DBZ abridged. It is a large team of talented streamers who do competitive multiplayer as well. They play mainstream games and their form of nerd entertainment tickles me as a fellow anime fan.

They are strong enough to support themselves on their own brand of humor, but it is nice to share an interest with those that you watch. They do make a ton of references to movies and pop culture. They do play platform and shooter games on Steam. ;On top of that, they also manage to stream on Twitch almost every single weekday with a variety of different shows and content.

The Know


The Know Channel

The Know is yet another group founded upon Roosterteeth. The Know is more centered on informing people about current gaming media. The know uploads news on the gaming industry, new title releases, and controversial stories involving game reception. This group is very helpful if you wish to stay up to date on the current climate of the gaming world.

The Know covers incidents like the Digital Homicide drama or that time AdBlock made their own ads. Ashley and Gustavo are certainly knowledgeable about what happens in mainstream news outlets. They try to stay objective and explain away only the facts but in an engaging way that wouldn’t bore the viewer.

The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists Channel

Game Theory is another cornerstone of YouTube. It is a channel built on overanalyzing games to educate his viewers. The host, MatPat is a man who chooses to draw conspiracies and theories from games, then proceeding to research and provide evidence to prove his point. He uses many stock images to illustrate his ideas though they end up displaying slapstick humor instead.

He manages to make this process quite educational from his real-world facts and figures to the pure hype surrounding these theories by always factoring the games that we love as well as his own brand of humor like when he drew parallels between dating sims and real dating in a two-part video series.

Zero Punctuation


The Escapist Channel

The Escapist is already a fairly well-known Gaming magazine. But online, the show Zero Punctuation is their real bread and butter. Zero Punctuation involves an Australian Game Critic named Yahtzee, who is capable of absolutely destroying games in a quick, descriptive and entertaining fashion. His persona is that of a guy wearing boots and a dashing fedora.

For the most part, he rushes through a review, speaking as if the whole game can be summed up in a run-on sentence which is his trademark. That being said, occasionally he does like a game, but overall the man is brutally honest and harsh on all games and points out their flaws by making a big deal out of them.

His videos are incredibly fast, so much that you find yourself pausing the video to get a good laugh in because you know that once you finish laughing you will have missed 3 more jokes. It is a lot to take in at once, to be honest.


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