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So You Want to Be a Streamer? Tips and Tools You’ll Need for Social Media Gaming

Video gaming is by no means a niche hobby. Billions of people around the world have found ways to enjoy video games, so you’re not alone. But this also means that there are opportunities in the video game industry if you want to make money.

While the classic way to enjoy video games is to play them yourself, a lot of people also entertain themselves by immersing in the gaming world in other ways. Social media, like everything else, has opened up a whole new world of communication, entertainment, and even education.

So how can you break into this niche?

What is Let’s Playing or Streaming?

The chances are, you’ve already heard of a let’s play. Just in case you haven’t, we’ll break it down for you.

In its most basic form, a let’s play allows you to watch someone else play a video game. The fact is, video games appeal to a wide audience because there is such a huge variety in the field.

Some people like the story of certain video games, so enjoy watching this story through someone else’s gameplay. They don’t even have to play the game and, if the person playing is entertaining, get another layer of amusement through watching them. 

Other people like to watch tutorials or experienced players so that they can pick up different tricks. Or perhaps they prefer to view some gameplay and get a review before they invest their money in a game.

Some people watch gaming in a competitive sense. This is logical if you think about it. We watch people running around playing football or other sports, so why not watch people compete in a gaming match and showcase their skills?

Oh, and we can’t forget about the let’s players and streamers who are just fun to watch. If you haven’t seen someone get terrified by a scary game, you haven’t lived yet.

A let’s play can take a variety of forms. One of the most popular methods is streaming, where an audience can essentially watch someone playing a game “live”. It’s unedited, which is easier for the streamer, and the people watching can even interact with the player. This is particularly common on Twitch, but you can stream on YouTube and other platforms as well. 

Another option is to create edited content. This can cut down “dead time” in certain games that require a lot of waiting. You can’t directly communicate with the streamer, but you do get a more polished video to enjoy. This is also a great option for reviews and more journalistic use.

Other Video Game Content

As well as streaming or creating content where you play a game, you can create other video game related content. If you have a hobby, the chances are that you want to learn more about that hobby. 

If you have something to add to the conversation, people might want to hear about what you have to say.

This might include video game news, reviews, or information about the lore behind a certain game world. You might be inspired to create music based on a certain video game or world. Or perhaps you want to create a comedy sketch channel, again based on the gaming industry or a specific game.

The only real limit is your ideas. If you’ve got a good idea, it’s time to think about how you can execute that idea.

Tools and Equipment

You might be the most entertaining person and skilled gamer in the world. Unfortunately, people don’t want to watch poor-quality content. It is much more achievable than it once was to create decent content on a budget, but you still need to invest in tools and equipment.

First, you need to think about your gaming rig. You can use a console to play and even stream games, but a PC is generally a much better option if you want to create content. Simply put, you can enjoy better graphics, smoother gameplay, and more versatility with your games. 

If you like playing with mods for a different experience, a PC is pretty much the only way to go. Yes, the modding community has expanded into the console world to an extent, but nowhere near to the same degree as on the PC.

You will also need a computer or laptop to stream, record, and edit your footage.

As well as your gaming rig, you should consider other recording equipment and software. Streaming is the easiest option, as all you really need is a good internet connection for basic streaming. But you should definitely invest in a decent microphone so that you can communicate with your audience clearly. 

If you plan on recording your face, which is often a good idea if you want more engagement, then you also need to get a good camera and possibly even a greenscreen, depending on where your PC is set up.

But what if you want to create other content? Well, editing software is a must. But you can also experiment with other options to make your content stand out more. For example, a drone can help you to get wide panning shots, which can be good for creating journalistic content or other entertainment related to gaming. Click here for some good drone options to help you capture something more interesting than just your face in front of the camera.

Making a Connection

Unfortunately, there’s no quick, easy way to achieve success on social media, whether you’re catering to the gaming niche or otherwise.

If you stream or create content as a hobby, you can be more relaxed. But if you do want to be successful, it can take a lot of hard work to stand out and carve out an audience.

Connect with other content creators and offer to collaborate with them. Other creators don’t have to be your competitors, they can be your friends. This can grow your audience and you can even swap tips and experiences.

You should post regularly and consistently. Engage with your loyal core audience and build a community. Always make sure that you offer something of value. 

It can be a hard road, but it’s always worth it.

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