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YouTube Channels for Gamers

Best YouTube Gaming Videos to Watch

Every gamer who watches videos on YouTube will probably encounter these common types of Let’s Players:

The wild group parties, the guys who scream into their mics, the girl gamers (not to be confused with gamer girls), the die-hard fanboys, and the sea of average Joes. Dorkly is really on point with this one.

LP’s that suffer from audio problems are fairly common since some gamers are just figuring out how to upload videos. However, quality gaming videos generally don’t have technical difficulties.

These types of Let’s Players are capable of improvising on the spot while being good-humored about it through multi-tasking on their gaming. Watch Mojo explains this pretty well except the video should be called Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels.

Here are my favorite YouTube channels of all time that span across many aspects of gaming from people who do solo or group Let’s Plays to those that upload original soundtracks.

You’ll find a lot of unexpected reactions from gamers who try out mods or give their impression of an in-game character, make fun of bad games, or test out different cheats.

You may already know several popular YouTube gamers like PewDiePie and Stampylonghead but there are a few underdogs among the community that really do deserve more recognition.

I want to introduce them to anyone who might be reading right now so they can broaden their gaming interests.

My primary focus will still be on PC games sold on Steam though I’m aware that Let’s Plays often diverge into titles outside of Steam, Pokemon Sun and Moon being one I am a huge fan of.

I strongly encourage you to subscribe to these YouTubers since they create entertaining original content, sometimes for free.

Disclaimer: These rankings are solely based on my personal opinion of what I usually enjoy watching. Your mileage may vary.

You could be someone who prefers horror game LP’s or would rather watch a silent walk through. Of course, you aren’t limited to Let’s Plays as there are music videos and game critics you can listen to.

Why not start here? Search for new Let’s Plays, video game guides, HD music, professional reviews, gaming news, updates and more!

It’s an excellent alternative if you don’t have the budget to buy new games at the moment. Sometimes watching videos of games being played is equally satisfying.

These lists will be updated frequently so check back soon! I’m always adding new Let’s Play videos and in-game music from my playlist or channels I’ve subscribed to.

If you know of a few good videos, send them through the comments section.

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