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Original Soundtracks and Remixes

What’s this about a playlist?

Welcome to my playlist of original soundtracks from PC games on Steam! This is where I’m going to add video game music and remixes from my favorite YouTube channels like Ostproject, one of the largest contributors to OSTs from popular franchises.

Countless gamers are passionate about sharing video game OSTs with the rest of YouTube watchers who may not have access to them otherwise. Some people don’t own those games while others have no idea how to record audio nor are they inclined to make videos.

I admit it is quite addicting to listen to music from the likes of Undertale, The Journey, Fez, and Flower. YouTubers have been creating multiple playlists that stream videos one after the other. If you are bored, doing homework, or simply need to relax, then these soundtracks should help you get things done.

YouTube is a great place to discover new games and one way to do that is by listening to soundtracks from titles you haven’t heard of before. This is why I’ve decided to create a long playlist of original soundtracks and music from PC games on Steam.

I was a huge fan of the techno/trance scene back when I still played Flash games on Newgrounds (e.g., Dimrain47, Nighthawk22, and F-777).

A royalty-free soundtrack I picked up along the way. Adjust the volume to your liking.

Mesmerize by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4994-mesmerize
License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license

Update: I was too lazy to bother with embedding OST videos here so you’ll have to browse them on YouTube. Sadly they get taken down a lot by copyright claims, which is why you should download the sound files to your device.

Games on Steam OSTs

Sometimes, people add their own creative touch to OSTs they enjoy, remixing the audio using software like Audacity or DAW to add special effects. But I’m no expert in that area so don’t ask me about how to make techno/rock covers.

To show your support for these video uploaders, thumbs up (or like) their videos. Better yet, subscribe to their channel and receive updates on new content to watch at your leisure.

It’s no surprise that most of these YouTubers are highly acclaimed by the gaming community at large as they release videos of gameplay footage, music videos, and content that interests the viewers.

Check back once in a while to view my ever-growing playlist of video game soundtracks and themes from my favorite genres. I’m planning to add more of them to my collection soon enough.

At any rate, I’d prefer to add full soundtracks instead of just one at a time so you can listen to them without having to click on the next video. In the meantime, I’ll be announcing YouTube channels that do upload individual OSTs in case you are interested.

Video Game OSTs

Let’s Play Videos

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