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Top Seller Games on Steam – This Month’s Edition!

I’ve decided to do something different this time. Instead of writing a full-length review or reporting on a piece of trending news, I’ll instead be covering the “top 10 selling games of June 2020”. Although A Way Out and Heavy Rain were released several years ago, I’ve included them on this list because they have just been added to the Steam store.

1. Beyond Blue

Explore the depths of Earth’s ocean in Beyond Blue, a single-player game driven by its enthralling narrative. Uncover the mysteries of the deep blue as Mirai, a scuba diving scientist leading a team of researchers to observe and interact with the sea creatures around them.

Beyond Blue lets players use high-tech equipment to track down animals living in the ocean, featuring a fully-voiced cast alongside its captivating soundtrack. There are eight different diving experiences and sixteen educational documentaries to unlock brought to you by leading marine experts.

2. Starship EVO

Have you ever dreamed of building your own starship? Are you excited about open-world games with endless space exploration that truly stretch the imagination? Then, you’re going to love Starship EVO because it puts you at the center of all the action as you piece together bricks to create functional contraptions from sliders to rotors.

In Starship EVO, outer space is the limit for players who want to modify their starships with gravity field generators and jump pads. They can also assemble space stations, operate machines using a hovercraft computer, and augment laser beams with damage-boosting add-ons.

3. Outer Wilds

Relive the events of Groundhog Day in Outer Wilds, an award-winning open-world mystery game taking place in a solar system that appears to be trapped in an endless time loop. Welcome aboard the Space Program, cadet! Your mission is to travel between planets that evolve with the passage of time, surrounded by natural disasters in hidden locations.

There will be many secrets guarded by dangerous environments you must overcome, so being prepared is key to exploring the Dark Bramble. You’ll have a variety of gadgets at your disposal to track unusual signals, decipher alien languages, and more. Don’t forget to put on your intergalactic hiking gear before you walk into the cold vacuum of space!

4. Sea of Thieves

Okay, so maybe you prefer to stay on Earth. In that case, let me introduce you to Sea of Thieves, the game about being the stereotypical pirate, from sailing the seven seas to looting other ships for valuables. Now you can live the pirate life free of any consequences in this multiplayer online adventure.

Play through 11 story-driven campaigns or complete quests on the side. Build a fearsome reputation or conquer the seas by digging up lost treasure. You can also encounter cursed Skeleton Captains and retrieve cargo from trading companies in order to become the ultimate Pirate Legend.

5. Satisfactory

Satisfactory is what you’d call a “factoring building game” with some light combat on the side. Gather resources on an alien planet, build sky-high factories and expand them with conveyor belts. Unlike your typical run-&-gun, players will instead, be extracting materials from the land itself to create their own factory empire.

In Satisfactory, players can construct factories to automate transportation systems between distant outposts. On top of that, they get to customize vehicles via jump pads, jetpacks, hyper tubes, and much more. It will be possible to build factories in the air or across many different landscapes on planet Massage-2(AB)b.

6. Griftlands

According to the official trailer, Griftlands is a card game designed to be a rogue-like, which means players have to negotiate, steal, or fight to overcome certain challenges in this dystopian sci-fi world. They must think carefully before acting or else risk running into an early game over.

They can build a deck of cards through doing odd jobs, making friends, or defeating strong enemies. Every character is unique in that they have special abilities to take advantage of in combat. Each playthrough is randomized to keep you entertained with intriguing stories of conflicts between opposing factions.

7. Journey

Journey is a widely-praised indie title that makes you wonder if video games can be considered a type of art. Journey guides the player through the remnants of a lost ancient civilization–across the endless desert, atop a treacherous mountain, and floating over the skies, until they reach their final destination.

Imagine gliding past beautiful scenery by following a story that stirs the emotions. That’s what players will experience when they begin exploring Journey with its interactive environment and mysterious soundtrack. It just shows that not all games have to be dialogue-driven in order to impress their players.

8. Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is a psychological thriller full of twists and turns that will leave you questioning what it means to be a father. You’ll get to play through the story as four different characters, trying to catch the Origami Killer before they claim a new child victim. It features intense quick-time events that will determine who gets to live…or die at the end.

They all have their own motives for stopping the murderer but the player ultimately decides their fate, in a city that never stops raining. Players will be investigating crime scenes, thrown into dangerous trials, and forced to defend themselves in deadly encounters. Heavy Rain contains extreme violence and sexual nudity so it’s really not a game for minors.

9. A Way Out

A Way Out was originally released on Origin, being a Co-Op adventure about breaking out of prison. But now, it has come out on Steam so the rest of us can play as either Leo or Vincent, two convicted prisoners who team up to escape from jail while narrowly avoiding the authorities. The screen will be split so players can sometimes explore separate locations.

Both men want to seek revenge on the same guy for betraying them during a smuggling deal that went wrong. But they also have families and children to raise which makes their journal one tied to emotional connections despite the police pursuing their whereabouts. It boils down to taking the peaceful route vs. subduing unsuspecting bystanders in most cases.

10. shapez.io

From the developer of Agar.io and Diep.io, Shapez.io is the latest game about building networks of factories to process shapes of increasing complexity. Watch in awe as shapes move along a series of long-winded conveyor belts, propelled forward in synchronized motion.

Your goal is to deliver the requested shapes to unlock upgrades that raise the efficiency of your assembly lines. You can expand your factory on the map by mixing various combinations of colors and shapes to meet the demands of your buyers. This game has a total of 18 levels to keep you engaged for hours on end.

Based on my personal opinion, these are the games I’m most interested in from June of 2020. While I know there are plenty of games that deserve a spotlight for being Triple-A titles and whatnot, I still believe these ones are worth checking out if you accidentally missed the last Steam sales event. What are some games you’re really looking forward to this month?

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