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What is technically considered gameplay?

Evaluating Gameplay-Personalities, Systems & Play Styles

How do you define “gameplay” when talking about video games? In a general sense, what is being conveyed by gameplay is the player’s level of immersion in a structured, virtual world.

On Wikipedia, it is the manner in which a player interacts with a game. Though I think this definition is far too broad to be applicable in the context of gaming systems.

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Gift Your Friends During the Holidays

Giving Gifts on Steam

Did you know that when you buy a game on Steam, you have the option of sending it as a gift to people on your friends’ list? Steam has a great approach to tracking your gifts in case they didn’t get sent correctly. Under “Manage gifts and guest passes” is a tab labeled Pending Gifts so you know it’s on the way to your PC.

It’s really easy, all you have to do is select a game, add it to your cart, choose to “purchase as a gift”, and later, decide if you want to send your gift via email or to their Steam account. Steam also lets you write a friendly message to show you care, possibly toss in some classic trolling for shits and giggles.

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