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10 Early Access Games Just Released

Today, I’m going to present some Early Access games published this December. You’ll notice that these title releases haven’t been on the market for very long, which is why there are hardly any reviews on them. They are still in the development and testing phase. Further changes will be made before the full version comes out.

This is a great opportunity to snag a bunch of Early Access discounts through their limited edition special promotional offers. If you are eager to get involved in the current state of their game, then you should give constructive suggestions on the Dev’s community page and report any glitches or bugs you find.

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Steam Holiday Events: The Spooky Edition

Steam holiday sales are happening next week. This year, they are breaking from the traditional daily and flash deals. So don’t miss the opportunity to find huge discounts on games. If you can’t afford new releases, waiting until the holidays will surely pay off.

The Steam Halloween Sale of 2017 has some spooky discounts on horror games, in particular, horror virtual reality games and scary movies. There is plenty of Halloween spirit to go around. This event runs from October 26 to November 1. Many games are at least 60% off the original price.

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What exactly is Steam Early Access?

Steam Early Access
Games that Evolve as You Play Them!

What does it really mean when people put their games on early access? If you haven’t heard of Early Access, it’s when Steam made it possible for gamers to give feedback on the quality of games while the developers were still in the middle of adding assets, fixing bugs, and making updates to their game.

Steam’s lax policy on releasing Indie Games has always attracted an influx of gamers worldwide, especially people who are passionate about game creation. At some point, Steam decided to expand on the game development process by involving their community aka you guys since you are their customer base.

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Game Promotions and Coupons on Steam

I apologize for the delay in this new post. I’ve been away in China for the past two weeks. I’ve been thinking about making a new review template on all my library games. But a few distractions here and there are keeping me from getting right to it.

I’m still learning about all the cool features on Steam which makes it unique from other PC gaming platforms.

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Steam Trading Cards-Play Games to Earn Rewards

Are Collectable Steam Trading Cards Any Good?

I do admit there are some features on Steam that I’ve overlooked before since I never had a reason to really use them. Steam trading cards are exchanged as virtual tokens for DLC rewards instead of the traditional Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards where kids battled each other’s deck of monsters.

Steam encourages their gamers to collect cards from these so-called “participating games” found under the Steam features checklist besides Steam Controller Support or Steam achievements.

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