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Your Guide on How to Uninstall Steam on Mac

Do you need to uninstall Steam to free up disk space, remove a profile, or clear your account history? This article will showcase how to uninstall the Steam platform on Mac. This app allows playing any game purchased via Steam and retail games that are registered to Steam.

Some users have experienced problems when using this Steam. Simply dragging the app to Trash would not uninstall Steam completely. So, let’s head over this challenging situation and work on the most appropriate solution.

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A New Challenger Appears! The Epic Games Store

Just a week ago, I was tipped off about the existence of a digital game store called the Epic Games Store, featuring curated PC games for both Windows and Mac. As a long-time fan of Steam, I was kind of skeptical about the quality of games released on the Epic Games Store, but nonetheless, I’ll give them a fair chance to see if they do provide a better deal to indie developers than their competitors.

In this review, I will be covering what Epic Games has to offer as a platform designed to support developers and the gaming community at large. As mentioned in its FAQ page, out of every purchase, developers will receive 88% of the profits generated from selling their games. And I have to admit, it’s a lot easier to set up than the Steam client.

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Simple Guide to Building a Quality Gaming Station Setup

A well-designed video game setup requires comfort, functionality, and attractiveness. Whether in a dedicated room of its own or just around the corner of a bedroom, a personal battle station is a special place for relaxing, socializing, and entertaining oneself with a sit-down game.

Use this handy guide to improve the efficiency of your gaming experience while you remain stylish and comfortable. It offers lots of tips and tricks to consider when building an at-home video game battle station, especially if you compete with others in online multiplayer.

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Why I haven’t Updated as Often

Hey everyone! I haven’t been blogging as frequently because I got accepted for a full-time position at an environmental science lab. I also went back and edited some of my old anime art by referencing a few anatomy tutorials I found on DeviantArt. I did end up creating some Pokémon fanart after finishing the remakes of Gens 1 and 2.

I will be continuing my playthrough of Pokémon Black since Gen 5 changed up the predictable storytelling formula and actually questioned the concept of capturing Pokémon just for the sake of battling. I’m aware Gen 5 received a lot of hate from fans who thought the Pokémon designs were ugly, but I think Pokémon should be judged by its gameplay instead.

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Plant Tycoon Review

Plant Tycoon

Developer: Last Day of Work
Publisher: Same as Above
Released on Sep 27, 2007

Plant Tycoon is my go-to waiting game right before finals week. It is a relaxing gardening simulator where you grow and nurture plants, then crossbreed mature ones to produce new offspring. Being a gardener, the goal is to pollinate different species of plants until you finally discover the six magical plants to restore the ecological balance to the island of Isola.

Genre: Casual Sim

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